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Bloody chapel

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1 Bloody chapel on Sun Jan 04, 2009 7:22 pm

Tap,tap the sound of hardsole boots against the cobble stone streets of france.this city of love,had a much darker side only known amoung the wealthy and powerful.just out side city limits was a chapel laying within the grounds of a vast graveyard,the sounds of men and women giggling could be heared along a cobble stone street.tap,tap the little mice walked along to meet there deaths in this bloody chapel.magnificent to see so elaborately designed.huge pillars covered the chapel intrance which lead into a atrium of a spectacular beautiful the woman,so handsome the men all so perfect.lead were the mice into the chapels theatre,able to fill over a thousand men and woman.for the show must go on,is this not true.crimsion blood curtens began to open to show a man,yes a man standing there.draped in black was he,this man not an ordinary man but a man indeed was as white as snow,well built but his eyes oh his eye a brillant silver were they.the man simply pulled a old scroll from his cloak.opening it with a load thud of the metal hitting the floor and that odd sound of rolling against wood.


Thicker then water,so sweet to the taste like a rare drink.
foreign to thee yet so close it lays within thy body,the life sorce
of all things.some predators,others prey on that rare drink do
they.for thy own spilled for love,such a word love only known
to thy own self.shalt a word be ever spoken so powerful lust can be
blood stirred, heated up and up thy thighs.feed thy blood my kin, on
those that shalt be so thick minded to grace our persence tonight.
for thy blood will not be thy own, tonight...

The man said before looking up to the crowd claping,his eye so brillant in what they were stareing.such a stare so powerful as it hushed the room on its own.lost in his eyes they stared deeper into the abyss of his grasp,a chillin smirk showing silver fangs.watching cloaked figures float from the heavens above to only cover these mice.with a blink the man cloaked in black vanished and the scream,oh the hellish scream filled the air of the bloody chapel.this man now laying over the body of a valuptous woman draining her dry,the crimson blood covering his lips.

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