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The move to Forks

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1 The move to Forks on Mon Sep 08, 2008 9:18 pm

Isabella Swan

The Cullens
The Cullens
The plane landed, I was finially here, well more or less here anyway. As usual it was raining and not too lightly I might add. Charlie stood waiting to greet me, I could see the joy in his eyes so a gave him the warmest smile I could manage. The ride to the house was as long as I remember and even more green the should be allowed. I was left to unpack which took all of twenty minutes as I had such few things I could use here. I went back downstairs where Charlie had attempted to cook me dinner, it was sweet really but fried eggs and bacon was not my idea of a good meal but none the less I eat it.

"So Bells, I got you all set up for school. You'll start tomorrow." He smiled at me clearly happy to be doing the parental duties now.

"Have you had a chance to look for cars at all?" I tried to sound casual because deep donw the thought of being driven in his police crusier was down right horrible. Charlie is the police cheif of Forks.

"Well actually I have, and I took it upon myself to get it for you, kinda as a welcome home gift!"

"Where is it? I didn't see it when we came up the drive?" A car? He bought me a car... This could be even worse!

"Come on I'll show you. I think you'll like it. Do you remember Billy Black at all?" He asked me as he lead the way out in the back yard.

"Ummm, well no, not really." I'm sure I should know him but I tried very hard to forget as much of this place as I could.

"We all use to go fishing together when you would come up, anyways he has this truck that he can't use anymore and he sold it to me."

"Does it run?"

"Of course it does! It a good lookin truck too."

"Good lookin?" What did he mean by this? Was is some old rust bucket that couldn't go over 30? "Um dad, how old is this truck?" He was leading me a short distance down the road, he had clearly put a lot of thought into this suprise, but I wasn't sold yet.

"A few years." He said it in an offhand kinda way.

"Define a few years please, like mid 90's or later than that?" Keeping the panic out of my voice was getting harder now, but at least the rain subsided, for now.

"Well I think its from around say... the 50's." The last bit was a little quiet but out in the middle of now where I heard it clear as day.

"The 50's?" I repeated. He seemed to catch the fear now because he turned around to look at me.

"Bella I promise it's not bad! Billy and his son have put a lot of work into it and it runs better than most of the cars around here. Plus it still looks really good for being well..." He seemed at a lose as to how to put it nicely.

" Old." I said simply

"Come on, we're almost there." And with that he turned and headed farther still.
How far a way did he think he had to hide it? But as that thought formed we turned the corner and I was face to face, well bumper, with my shiney, red new truck! It was better than I could have hoped for. Charlie was right, it still looked beautiful. Now school didn't seem to bad, at least the ride didn't.

"Thanks dad, I love it!" I smiled the first true smile at him. It was returned with a little hesatation. He never liked showing his emotions if he could help it.

"Come on lets get home before it starts raining again." With that he handed my the keys and we headed home in the truck, which was far louder than I thouhgt but ran great.

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