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A Nobody template?

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1 A Nobody template? on Thu Aug 14, 2008 2:02 pm

There are Humans, Vampires and Werewolves, can we have Nobodies too?

True Name:
Nobody Name:
Bio (optional):


True Name: Joshua

Nobody Name: Shoujax

Appearance: 6’2, jet black hair, crimson eyes

Ablilities: Electricity, Dark Corridors, Helix Energy, Naught’s Eye

Weapons: Tiger Claws, Naginata

Bio (optional): Shoujax began "life" with no heart. Like every Nobody, he is the empty shell left behind by the heart. He wandered the Darkness looking for strength and purpose, when he met the ultimate entity of Twilight, Naught. They conversed for what seemed like years of many philosophies of Darkness, Light, and the Heart. Shoujax could no longer stand the torment of being an incomplete being, and bid farewell to Naught. Knowing they would never meet again, Naught bestowed Shoujax with gifts to aid his quest to become whole. First, Naught’s Eye, the third purple eye on Shoujax’ forehead. It was the ultimate mental defense. It prevented any outside force from entering Shoujax’ mind, and saw through any illusion. The second, Naught’s Naginata. The ultimate weapon of Twilight, able to open an entrance to the Void.

Shoujax accepted Naught’s gifts, and left the realm of Darkness to find a way to recover his heart. He had emerged on Emerald Island, a vast island ideal for Shoujax to perfect his skills. He spent many years on the island perfecting his survival, battle, and other skills. One day, a fellow Nobody emerged on Shoujax’ home, and offered him to join his group of Nobodies; all pursuing the same goal. He joined the Organization early but was betrayed and put into the laboratory to conduct experiments of the heart, forever.

As the Organization’s leader, Xemnas, fell at the hands of the Hero of the Keyblade, Shoujax was set free and formed his own group of Nobodies with his ally, jYexrem. They created the 18th Order and lived in prosperity. The Order remains standing today, its members searching for their Hearts, and conquering those who stand in their way.

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