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The Blood Of Legend

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1 The Blood Of Legend on Sun Dec 21, 2008 8:58 pm

A long time ago, on a planet called Sangue, there was a woman of great power...second in command to the entire planet. Her name was Elliryanna. She loved her people with the passion of a mother, and they all adored her....but there were some who were jealous of her. Elli was of great power..and those above her envied and feared her..they feared that she would one day take over. One of those people of higher power was Elliryanna's only and older brother,Alexander. He knew she still had time to guide herself to grow her power to that which would be larger than his. Alex swore to himself that he would never let such a thing happen. He would not be overthrown by his sibling, least still, a woman. So Alex put together a plot to extinguish Elli.

On Sangue, it was forbidden for a woman of power to be involved with love of any sort because if a woman of power were to marry, that man(or woman) would share her power. The Council of Sangue(the highest power on the planet..started out only men were allowed, but woman slowly made it up there) wanted to keep the People of power within the bloodline. (bloodline is a specific trait that is passed down through every generation of pure Sanguian ).
For a woman of power to be involved in love was considered treason.

And that was how Alexander would take down his sister. He set out, putting the plan in his head to motion. It wasn't long before Alex had 'created' the perfect man for his sister. He named this man Aiden and put in his mind nothing but the loyalty to His maker(Alex).
Alex sent Aiden out to his sister, giving him the command to 'charm her'.
It was difficult at first because Elliryanna refused to disobey the laws of her beloved planet..but she found herself unable to not think this man, Aiden, sweet and kind and charming and sensitive and basically..perfect in every way for her.

Alex was a very smart man. His plan unfolded in the time span of 1 year(which is like 3 in earth time). And in that time, Elliryanna fell for Aiden.
Aiden returned to his maker (Alex), awaiting his next command...and his next command was to go straight to the Council with a specific message.

Elliryanna was taken into custody and brought before the High council where she faced the angered dagger glares of the Members. She was told she had been accused of treason.
"Who told you such nonsense!?" she demanded
"You all should know better than any others that I would never do such a thing!"
...and then Aiden stepped into sight.

"I have been given news that you have...with this here man! If what YOU say is true, then we will give punishment to this man for unjust accusations and attempt to overthrow...and if what he claims is true, then you will face the penalty of treason!"

It was her brother who spoke. Alex had been waiting for so long to say those words..and they were as sweet as candy in his mouth.
"Choose now, Elliryanna! Your life, or his!" boomed the voice of the head of the council.

How could she choose? She was in love with this man! But she also loved the people of this world! She couldn't just abandon them! but she couldn't leave Aiden to take the fall of her folly.

Elliryanna dropped to her knees in tears.
"I confess, my dear councilmen! I cannot let him be held responsible! What is claimed is true!"

Alex rose from his seat, a malicious grin hidden just behind the grave mask he wore
"Then we condemn you to the battle of death! You will be placed in the Morte Ring where you will face the demon of this world!"

It was announced to everyone..and when the time came, thousands crowded into the seats outside the ring. It was known to all that the demon was not beatable..many a man had tried..and all died..or came back nearly dead. Most feared for Elliryanna..and some cheered for her, either for her success or for her death.

Elliryanna stood in the middle of Morte Ring, her battle suit on and weapons ready. The demon came from nowhere and everywhere. The battle was a long one. Elli was able to kept her head for quite some time...before a fatal blow came. The demons hand swept down, ripping the metal helmet from her head. Its other hand was there before she had time to do anything. Its claws came down on her face twice before she was able to block.

Now you must remember this was a it wasn't normal hands...its hands branched off into 5 different hands..each with 7 fingers and bone spikes that stuck out everywhere. Two swipes at her face had covered her face with hundreds of cuts.
What made it fatal was the acid that dripped from the bone spikes of the demon. The cuts burned deep into her face, promising scars that would never leave...but it also too away her sight. Two cuts landed on her eyes, making them forever useless.

After this, the battle was pretty quick..Elli was forced to use the rest of her senses to defeat this demon..and found that not using her sight was the key.
The demon was fast...but it was also loud. Every foot fall let out its location, every breath let out its height.
In the end, Elliryanna Gave the final blow, beheading the demon.

But that didn't mean she was safe. The council banished Elliryanna to exile on a barren planet we all know as Earth. Before she left, they stripped her of her blood rights (her core abilities).

So there she was with No home, no Aiden, and no sight..stuck on a planet that had no life and drinkable water that was hidden deep beneath its surface. After a few days of sulking, Elliryanna made herself do something..she would starve to death if she didn't.
Elli created the first plant life on earth so that she could eat, and with much difficulty, brought forward the drinkable water from under earths crust so she could drink. The plants were very similar to those on Sangue and lived on their own on sunlight and water.

The plant life spread wherever there was water, learning to be able to live of the salty water that was already present.

While on earth, Elli took up the hobby of forging weapons in earths volcanoes. Though she had lost the use of her eyes, the earth had a strange...coat over it that allowed her to form a near perfect image in her mind that was oddly blue.

While she was examining the tip of a sword she had just finished, she cut her finger. One drop of blood fell to the waters of earth..and in that drop of blood, bacteria’s feasted and began to evolve into the creatures (animals) of now. All except for the humans. They came from a place called mars when they saw how earth was coming to life.

Elli lived for centuries on end, watching as the earth and its creatures evolved and grew strong. She made her first mistake by showing herself to the humans..the humans were not stable enough at the time. They wanted to kill her..or put her on display.
Elli hid herself on an island that she had charmed to not be found by any except those she trusted or those she helped to create.

Elli tried to show herself to the humans between great time periods..and at one point..she was successful of being accepted..but the humans at that point had separated from each other..forming different cultures and races...and the different races became jealous of the bounty(food and water and wealth) that was forming around those who accepted Elli.
War Elli hid herself on her island again(which she named Sangue, after her beloved planet)

Then she had an unexpected was her brother..with Aiden.
Alex was still jealous of what Elli was able to accomplish without her core abilities..He wished to take over earth.
But Elli refused to give it over..even after given the offer of returning home.

She had said she was home..and wouldn't return..not unless it was life threatening reason.

So Alex formed another plan. His sister refused to his sick twisted mind told him the only way he would be able to take over this land was to kill Elli.
He created a poison mixed with the acid of the demon Elli had slayed so long ago and other elements dangerous to Elliryanna..and slipped it in her drink while they ate dinner..

See, Elli's body had changed the poison didn't kill put her in a deep sleep that made her seem dead.
Elli kept her mind about her while she was in this sleep..and understood that it was her brothers intention to kill her..and also found that it was he who had gotten her banished.

Aiden..who had advanced in his mind, found that he had feelings for Elli and thought it wrong to keep her in such a he mixed a cure and, while taking her to 'burn' her body, slipped the cure into her mouth. Elli woke confused at first, but then everything came to her and fury took the place of her confusion. Taking the shape of a wolf, Elliryanna flew through the forests of Sangue and confronted her brother.

And there started the beginning of the great battle that would soon come.
Elliryanna forced Alexander back to the Planet Sangue with Aiden..
Alex, being the sadistic man he was..returned to Sangue acting as if wounded. He spoke to the other council members..telling of how Elliryanna had brutally attacked him when he first arrived and kept him captive against his will. He said that she was a danger to the planet earth now..and needed to be extinguished before she ruined what was now a wonderful place.

"Alexander..we charge you with the duty of..extinguishing...The banished Elliryanna. Use what you need..but be discreet..we wish to be able to use the planet earth once she is gone."

Alex left with that malicious grin very visible. Alex first sent a team of specially trained men to kill Elli..but they failed. So he sent another, who also failed.
Every time Alex sent a larger number of men..and every time they failed.
Elli took on a partner, a female warrior named Ember. She was what the humans called a vampire..and a very good warrior and with her help, Elli overcame every man Alex sent.
Until he sent just one.

Elli couldnt bring herself to fight Aiden..she still loved him..she told him she would send a note, saying that her partner, Ember, had slayed him while she slept.
Aiden agreed and stayed on the island(thats another story..n_n)

Alex became furious and went back to earth. Elli invited him to Sangue..hoping she could possibly talk out the differences between them..but alex had blood on the brain.
"Elliryanna! You are so cowardly! You hide behind these creatures who try to protect you! You dont even fight your own battles! Come! Prove me wrong! I challenge you to a one on one! To the DEATH!"

Alex yelled this from a distance then disappeared int he the forest of Isle Sangue, waiting for his sister on a clearing in the middle of the isle.

Elli found herself not willing to kill her own flesh and blood..she couldn' matter how much he had done...she couldn't.

Elli met him that day in the clearing..and they commenced their final battle right away..but something was different..Elli wouldn't fight back..she parred every blow he gave, but refuse to make her own.

"Whats WRONG with you?!" Alex yelled, frustrated
"I wont fight you brought..because no matter ARE my brother"
Alex growled in rage and began an onslaught of attacks..Elli knew she wouldn't be able to hold much longer.

So again, she was presented with a decision. Leave this land, her new home, the the clutches of her brother? Or kill him?

But then she realized there was one last option...
and she was taking it.

Alexander was still throwing the onslaught of attacks..and Elli saw an opening.
She dropped her sword and held eye contact with Alex as he drove his blade through her stomach until it could be seen poking through her back.
"I'm sorry, brother"
she whispered.
Elli had been gathering as much energy as she could from the land around her..and someone who was paying attention would have noticed because the plant life around her all began to wither and her skin was taking on a slight glow.

Alex lingered, leaving his sword in Elli's body...Elli knew he would..knew he wouldn't let go until she let out her last breath.
Elli held all the energy of the entire island in her body..and with two words, she let it out in an explosion of a single element.

First, the energy closed in on itself then it exploded outward, covering EVERYTHING on the island. Everything was in a haze for about 5 minutes..and when it cleared..the island had changed..It was all white..and the air was cold...very cold.

Elliryanna and her brother were also different.
They had been incased in ice, still alive.

But the Ice they were incased in had a strangely familiar shape....I was shaped like a tree..a great tree.

The tree was white at the base and slowly converted to the clear ice that trapped Elli and her brother..

Now the weird thing about this was..Red veins ran throughout every plant life on the isle.
It was Elli's blood.
She was keeping the island alive, and it, in return kept her alive.

If you looked at the ice tree they were trapped in, you would see that every vein led to it..and the veins all ran inside the tree to the trickle of blood that ran from Elli.

The blood ran like a cycle through Elli and out into the island.
Elli had become the heart of the island.

And that's the origin of this plot.


Everyone, human and creature alike...even those from Planet Sangue, had thought the island would stay like that forever

and for centuries on end, it did.

Until now.


Are you for Elli of Alex?

Do you have the bloodtrait?: (yes or no)
Are you for Elli of Alex?

Are you for Elli of Alex?


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Are you for Elli of Alex?
Definately Elli. Zander is terrible....XD

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