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just read XDD

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1 just read XDD on Sat Sep 13, 2008 5:59 pm

What about a free for all topic,there you could have people who just want to write something.iam mean that doesn't really go with any type of book or game.just a place where you can write a topic for people to come into.also what about a future topic ^__^ got some good ideas for that one.hmmm maybe even a drama topic or more of tragedy topic,you know for people who want to have a tragedy....maybe ^__^' still thinking on how you could really role play with more then two people.....i guess it work.ohhh i got it something like soap oprea XDD that would be funny.naw iam just kidding but,really that would be funny "ohhh no you didn't just still my man..." dun dun dunnnn.XDDD aww man,well thats all i got so far except could you just put a dark topic.for people that like more dark topic like vampires,werewolves,and demons period.yeah soo >__> just let that shimmer into your brain for a minute or two then crack it and tell me what you got.XDDD

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